Short GO - LED Light Dummy on Wheels

The Short Go By RopeSmart
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RopeSmart Presents Our New, Original, and Innovative Roping Dummy On Wheels: The "SHORT GO!"

You haven't Seen anything Like this before! Experience the fun while improving your roping skills! This mini dummy on LED wheels is perfect for night time roping, as the wheels light up as they shoot!

The Best of Roping Dummies.  Heading Dummy, Heeling Dummy. With Fold Up Legs and LED Wheels. Based off science of real loops, real ropers, and real scenarios. Heavy duty metal wheel channel, 110MM LED wheels,Our first Dummy on LED Wheels with smart grip and durable plastic legs design.

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Buy Short GO - LED Light Dummy on Wheels and RS Chute ''The Short Go Arena''.

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Price for the Bundle: $1,439.98

This Item: Short GO - LED Light Dummy on Wheels
RS Chute ''The Short Go Arena''

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Filip Williams, 03/14/2017

Want to see what kids like to rope? Go over to the tack shed a roping and watch! Last weekend we attended the NTR finals in Wickenburg, great roping tons of fun and prizes. There was a super slider side by side with a short go. Kids were lined up all weekend roping the short go and the super slider stood still! I looked each time I went by the short go was in action 12 hrs a day all week long. the super slider was just sitting there. If the kids line up at one and wait for a turn while the other sits, which one do they like! Where should you spend your money? ROPE SMART SHORT GO. Kid tested Kid LOVED.

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