Calf Roping Dummy Head - ''The Runner''

The Runner Calf head
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" The Runner "

Calf Roping Dummy

  By: RopeSmart  

Everyone easily catches todays calf roping dummies regardless if the head is straight out or upward sloped. However most calves are not running hard with their heads sticking straight up or just out. Most calves run with the head down and ears back. RopeSmarts Calf roping dummy is real practice for real calves. 

RopeSmart designed the " Runner " to help the roper perfect the loop that will catch a calf with its head at all positions, high, low, and right down the middle. No more top knotting the head, fewer wave offs, and fewer complete misses. Increase range, accuracy, and curl in the loop. 

RopeSmart designed The Runner calf head as an accessory to the RopeSmart Steer training system.  This makes the RopeSmart system an all in one training tool. Calf Roping Dummy, Heading Dummy , and Heeling Dummy. The system also allows for easy transport, with the collapsible legs and removable heads that store inside the body.  In short, no more having to have multiple dummies. 


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This Item: Calf Roping Dummy Head - ''The Runner''
Calf Roping Dummy ''The RUNNER''- The Smart ONE
RopeSmart Dummy Sled Kit

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Meagan, T, 09/24/2014

After roping all the other dummies out there, I got the chance to rope this calf at the finals. Made me get my rope up, tip down like I do roping live calves. Will not let you get away with bad loops either, really cool design and it breaks down and I get to heel it too! love this calf

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