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Viper Bands - Dally Wrap
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RopeSmart is excited to introduce our NEW Viper Bands. We have taken the technology of the Blue Viper Smart Wrap to bring you the Viper Bands which is proven to appeal to both Headers and Heelers.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mike G, 12/08/2018

Blue Viper base wrap with Viper band best bite hands down!!! Save your ropes and shaves time. We spend countless hours working to get better and faster at our roping and often overlook the one thing that connects our rope to our horse. The technology of ropes evolve and so should your wrap, don’t be fooled by lesser copy cats and inferior rubber technologies.

Reviewed by Phillip k, 12/01/2018

I wasn't sure you could tip the blue viper wraps until I tried the blue viper bands. They are a great complement to the wraps and can be used over the wraps to double its life or by themselves on the horn. They are tougher than any manufactured band out there and still help prolong a ropes life and feel. There are imitations on the market but no one has it figured out like ropesmart

Reviewed by Joey M, 12/01/2018

I have been using these bands for about two years now and they are like nothing i have ever used! These custom patented blue wraps are definitely not the same as the Classic bands, these go above and beyond and i much prefer these to the Classic bands. My ropes wear better and last longer. Not to mention the Viper band paired with the base wrap protect my saddle like no other! Will never go back to using regular rubber!

Reviewed by Courtney M, 11/30/2018

Been using the Blue Viper bands for a couple years now. They hold up better than any band I have used. They also do not ruin ropes as fast as the black innertube or other bands produced. These bands are the way to go!

Reviewed by Filip W, 11/30/2018

Been using these for years every one that I have try them can not believe how much life it adds to your rope. The original blue viper wrap buy the best.

Reviewed by Clay R, 11/30/2018

Best rubber on the market. Grabs great and doesn’t burn up ropes.

Reviewed by Jimmy R, 11/30/2018

I've been using the blue viper bands for the last 5 years and since then John has improved this band to make it what I think is the best on the market! Thanks Ropesmart for a great product.

Reviewed by Colton F, 11/30/2018

These are the only bands I use and trust! They take the fear out of dallying and always look your rope off. These wraps are always consistent and best quality! Instantly started running less rope and made my heel ropes last much longer! Save time and money, use the Blue Viper Wraps!

Reviewed by David E, 11/27/2018

These are amazing! I save so much money on ropes and I never lose my dally. Even with the excess wax on all of the new ropes.

Reviewed by Zack V, 11/26/2018

These are my favorites! They help my ropes last longer and they grab a lot better than rubber. They have really helped me feel better when it comes to dallying. These are the best!

Reviewed by Gracie-Beth S, 11/09/2018

Once you use the Viper bands, you wont want anything else! Improved my dally a lot, gave me confidence!

Reviewed by Cheyenne G, 11/04/2018

These are my favorites! They help my ropes last longer and they grab a lot better than rubber. They have really helped me feel better when it comes to dallying. These are the best!

Reviewed by Chris F, 11/04/2018

love these, saves my ropes and they last

Reviewed by Brit E, 10/31/2018

I have been using Blue Viper Bands for the last 3 years and have had great success with them. I have used them in every situation as a header and not only do they grab better, but they save on my ropes and the bands last considerably longer than anything else I have used.

Reviewed by Ashley C, 10/31/2018

I love these!! Best bands I’ve ever used!!

Reviewed by JT E, 10/31/2018

I’m in love with the Ropesmart Blue Viper Dally Bands! Keeps a tight grip when I’m trying to heel fast or just be consistent. Wouldn’t want to have anything else on my saddle!

Reviewed by Filip W, 10/23/2018

Love the blue viper!!! Ropes last longer and grab better. You save in ropes more the the bands cost. They have helped my wife and both my kids feel better on their Dallys

Reviewed by Evan S, 06/16/2016

It's so nice to get to slow down with life long enough to go ENJOY a lil jackpot and wheel beef!!!! Thanks RopeSmart and those Blue Viper bands for puttin the brakes on for me! Love winning money while using them!!!

Reviewed by Zach V, 06/16/2016

Huge thank you to Rope Smart Blue Vipers held up strong and also took a grip on some fast strong steers.

Reviewed by Josh, M, 09/24/2014

Best Bands ever! never use anything else again!

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