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Hock Lock
Hock Lock
Hock Lock
Hock Lock
Hock Lock
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UPC: 811494030097

Black Color Available Only

The Hock Lock from RopeSmart allows a roper to adjust the length of his or her rope without having to cut a new rope. It also allows the rope to move almost 180 degrees at the horn without binding the release. The Hock Lock quick release mounts snug to the horn and is easy to remove.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Faron F, 07/27/2017

Great product, allows you set up so your horse can get in the ground before the jerk, easily release with tension so no kicking your horse up, great for practice and competition,

Reviewed by Dale W, 01/14/2017

My son is with Rope Smart, he had me try the hock lock. All I can say is wow! Best tie I have ever used. No accidentally released steers. Love this product. No kinks in my rope. Solid and takes a hard hit.

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