The SWITCH BLADE – RopeSmart Dummy

The SWITCH BLADE – RopeSmart Dummy


RopeSmart Switch Blade – Comes in Blue, Black and Black/White.





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The patent pending Switch is the first pulled Roping Sled to emulate a steer going through the corner. The proper entry into the corner, is the most important part of acquiring perfect position, and pulling off consistent heel shots. For Headers the variation in head height, angles and horn lengths bring so much more to the game, than the typical "free throw shot" that others offer. Visual guides help a header gain perfect position every time whether training a horse or roper. The removable blocker rods for either end force a level of correctness that is normally only seen in the top ropers. NOW ADDED  The SWITCH BLADE!!

The BLADE brings it all!  The widest leg set, Realistic Switch to the hips, A Hop that will challenge you not only wait for the perfect shot, but actually move the legs to a realistic position of "out of time" .  The SWITCH BLADE , does not give you a hop or kick that is easily ropable at any point of the stride.  Already Proven to improve position, and delivery, now add in a Hop!  The Hop that is not only a true Scientific Based Challenge, but forces a roper to read and time a steer!  ROPE - REAL - WIN !  This is not a fad or hype, this is the real deal!  Diversity, Position guides, Truly improves timing, and improves consistency!

- With the SWITCH Roping Dummies, Taking everything from the ground work, to horse work, to the winners circle!



Blue, Black and White, Black

11 reviews for The SWITCH BLADE – RopeSmart Dummy


My Switch Blade gets roped daily on my seasoned horses and my colts I love all the ways you can move the head to practice different things that may happen like head tipping also that you can move the legs up and down for difficulty my kids rope it up high to gain confidence and i drop it down to try to become better. the shockwave system is amazing on this machine it takes so much of the Jerk out of the dummy when dallied it keeps my young horses from getting hit hard which prevents them from not wanting to stop or quarting in the stop. In my opinion its the best sled on the market

Calgary S

The Switch Blade is the best pull behind roping dummy on the market today. It makes things realistic and makes your roping better. It doesn’t sit super high off the ground for unrealistic practice. The different angles for the head make anything you might see roping for money seem easy to catch. I started a young heel horse on this dummy in April and by December I was jackpotting on him. By far the greatest dummy out there!

Isaac D

My favorite parts of the Switch Blade is the distance between the two back feet which forces me to get my tip all the way through, and the shock absorption bar with the spring loaded back legs which takes all the load off my horses and keeps them from anticipating the hit when I dally.

Nolan M

I have been around every make of roping sled at friends or practice arena. I put countless hours into machine practice with little change. I will say any sled is the best thing i ever did for my horse and would recommend for horse training. The switch roping sled offered me growth and challenges no other machine could. i like i can change it up for the kids, and make it really challenging also. The heading options are awesome. different horns and head tips.


Love our switch! By far one of the best sleds on the market in my opinion. Sure it may look different but that’s not always bad! It’s made a world of difference in challenging myself to improve my roping. I was too back by the pole at first but what I love most is that this thing CAN’T be cheated with the pole in. It really makes you work on your roping and that’s what pays off in the long run! Looking forward to the day I get a ground dummy. Nothing else on the market has this kind of versatility and variety of ways to improve your roping & even horsemanship alike.

Agustus P

I wasn’t sure what sled to go with just because there is so many options. I chose the Ropesmart Switch Blade because of the versatility. Being able to switch difficulty levels was the decision maker I could not be more pleased with my purchase!


This is a great roping sled that both my kids and husband enjoy. For the kids, it has arrows showing good position for heading. For heeling, the switch legs make you focus on loop placement and not an unnatural hop and timing that other sleds have. It has a shock wave system to make dallying easier on your horse. Great for training young horses and young ropers! Very well made and high quality construction! It should last many years and is a favorite for our family! – Melissa

Wesley T

The Switch is my favorite tool to use when I’m at home because it allows me to slow everything down, get complete control of my horses, and work on fundamentals. The Switch is beneficial for all levels due to the adjustable difficulty level of the head and feet. It is a very realistic dummy and pulls extremely smooth. The Switch is the best pulling dummy on the market!

J.T. E

The Switch Blade by RopeSmart is in my opinion the best training dummies for someone wanting to fix their bad habits and work on consistent catching. The Switch, like the 3 in 1 ground dummy, has the trademark pole to correct any mistakes on horseback. Overall I’ve tried Smart and Heel-O-Matic and neither of those can’t adjust the head or feet like The Switch can!


The new switch is like a roping school in my backyard, I bought it last winter, and started running my 3yr old gelding with it, and after countless hours of making my kids drag it in the back pasture, I took my horse that has never been roped on and me who has never entered a jackpot, and we won the local novice division, and I can actually hanging in there with some of the local big dogs in our area. I’ve roped the heal o matic, and the smarty, and neither do as well at training you how to throw your head loop. If your a beginner start with this, you will see a difference in your game I know I did


I love the Switch Blade! This dummy is easy to pull and the best to rope. It was built with all levels of ropers in mind. The adjustability of the dummy allows beginners and the most advanced improve each practice. I’ve found that other dummies on the market are too easy to rope, unlike the Switch. This dummy is also great for training a young horse. The heavy duty construction, spring loaded legs and shock absorption features help protect your horse while getting the most realistic practice!

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