RopeSmart Steer Roping Dummy - The Smart ONE

The Smart One Roping Dummy, The Smart Choice
That's One Smart Roping Dummy
Collapsed legs
Tilted head
Side View, extended Legs
Top View
Rope Storage
Internal Storage Space
Detachable Head and Horns
Large Horns
Small Horns
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RopeSmart Steer

THE " Smart ONE "

Team Roping Dummy

Expose Your Bad Habits! Isolate and eliminate them! Learn the correct techniques and rope off the ground as you would on horse back. This is no ordinary "Roping Dummy" every part of its design is innovative and will help you be a better roper! Now you can practice on ground as you would on horseback, be warmed up and ready to go!

Heelers, no more unrealistic angles, poor deliveries like allowed on a saw horse. Deliver a loop like you would on live cattle however, if you start off with a poor delivery the "RopeSmart Steer" will expose them and allow you to correct your mistakes.

Head Removes and is stored in body
Head Rotates, Multiple Horn Lengths
Removable Blocker Post
Head and Heel, Collapsable Legs
Rope Storage On Sides


Customer Quotes:

  • “The only dummy my kids will ever rope again”
  • “Real Change”
  • “The best I have ever roped”
  • “It makes me practice real”
  • “I am selling my old dummy”
  • “Amazing, corrected my delivery”
  • "After 3 days on the RopeSMART Steer, I had one of my best days roping ever!"




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Total Price: $1,289.99
Price for the Bundle: $1,211.24

This Item: RopeSmart Steer Roping Dummy - The Smart ONE
RopeSmart Dummy Sled Kit
Short GO - LED Light Dummy on Wheels

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jaden s, 04/15/2019

The smart one is the best dummy on the market! It helps you throw the correct loop everytime. It’s easy for me and my wife to haul around. Every roping we’ve been to people come and rope our dummy. I really like the fact you can tilt the head in either direction to practice for live steers that have head tricks. John McCarthy spent a lot of time with me when purchasing my dummy and we’ve built a great friendship. He provided us the best customer service you could ask for!

Reviewed by JT E, 12/09/2018

Not only is the 3 in 1 Ropesmart Dummy meant for Heading and Heeling, the Head can also be replaced as a Calf Roping head, making it easy for all-around ropers to have 1 multipurpose training tool. On the head side, the pole is there to prevent ropers from learning bad habits. I carry it to all my rodeos because of its easy portability and durability! Overall one of the best ground dummies out there!

Reviewed by Mike G, 12/08/2018

Practice only makes perfect when you practice correctly! Best roping Dummy on the market, it teaches you correct loops and muscle memory! Truly a game changer!

Reviewed by Guero Q, 12/05/2018

After roping this dummy with the Pole i was amazed what it did for my loop to really keep it open and avoids from aiming too low, and for heeling it really emphasizes keeping your loop open through the follow through to cover both feet . simply an amazing training tool and it will pay for itself in the arena..

Reviewed by Ed N, 12/01/2018

I have roped a lot of dummies from being a kid roping horns with a little coffee can for a nose to being 63 and I
rope this dummy a lot I really like this one because it makes you rope it right and bad habits are easy to pick up!

Reviewed by Isaac D, 12/01/2018

The Smart One roping dummy is great for multiple reasons. It has 3 different size horns that are easy to switch out, the legs fold up easy to store in your rig while on the road, and blocking pole between the horns causes you to adjust your swing for a more consistent and effective loop.

Reviewed by Clay R, 11/30/2018

Best dummy on the market, being able to head, heel and calf rope all on the same dummy makes it the best dummy for your money.

Reviewed by Courtney M, 11/30/2018

The "SMART ONE" is a great training tool. This dummy will not let you "cheat" and throw bad loops. It will make you rope it correctly and learn angles faster than any dummy out there. Great to keep in the trailer or at your house to sharpen your roping!

Reviewed by Colton F, 11/30/2018

I recommend the "Smart One" dummy to all levels of ropers. This dummy is my personal favorite and I rope it daily. The portability is major benefit. It is light weight, easy to carry and has 3 dummies in one package. It's patented features help strengthen my fundamentals and prevent bad habits from forming. The runner calf head is a must have for any calf roper or break-away roper. It provides the perfect angle to keep the correct loop and delivery. This is the best product on the market!

Reviewed by Jimmy R, 11/30/2018

I'll admit I was a bit hesitant at first about getting the 3 in one Smart One roping dummy but after roping one at a roping and understanding why John put that pipe behind the head of the dummy, I was hooked. Who doesn't want to throw the "perfect loop", this roping dummy will not let you make a mistake and if you do it'll let you know real quick! I recommend this product to anyone starting out or struggling to find their loop.

Reviewed by David E, 11/27/2018

This dummy is the real deal. It has had such a huge impact on my roping. You get immediate feedback on every loop. You can't cheat it, you can't deny it, and you can't help but get better. The pole makes you rope right every time. Take it out and the lower headset still makes you work to get it caught. The legs are designed to make your heeling loop correct as well. Then my girls can practice their breakaway loops on the same dummy - just switch out the steer head for the calf head.

I don't know of any other roping dummy that does as much as this dummy does - and for so many different people. Any level, any end, anywhere, this is the dummy you need to have with you.

Reviewed by Wesley T, 11/14/2018

The "Smart ONE" is a great dummy for many reasons. It's portable and easy to take with you wherever you go and it is a great tool to help you stay sharp with your roping when your on the road. Why wouldn't you want to kill three birds with one stone and buy the Smart One? I recommend this dummy for anyone that is in the roping industry.

Reviewed by Zack V, 11/12/2018

When I first saw this dummy and first roped it I was a bit unsure about it, but then after roping it a good bit noticed how much it changed my angles of my swing and my delivery witch my made my lope sharper. This dummy has changed my roping completely and I recommend This dummy to everyone I know! This is must have dummy for everyone 3 in one head, heel and calf rope I take it to every rodeo don’t have lug around 3 dummies to sharpen up before I compete just take the one and I’m good to go!

Reviewed by justyn , 11/09/2018

this dummy stays with me in my trailer its so easy to pack around and versatile changing head positions pulling steer head off and putting calf head on being able to heel it. the post is always there it makes me stay open and prevents me from pushing my rope my catch percentage has been increased dramatically.

Reviewed by Gracie-Beth S, 11/09/2018

I wouldn't think of leaving for a rodeo without my Smartone dummy...I can head, heel and rope calves all on one! It makes me rope right, thats for sure. No slacking in my delivery. I wont use anything else!

Reviewed by Tommy T, 11/08/2018

I have nothing but good to say about this dummy. Unlike others on the market, you have to be correct or you miss. Simple as that.

Reviewed by Cheyenne G, 11/04/2018

I've roped a lot of dummies over the years, but I have to say that the Smart One is the best one ever. It's very versatile (allowing changeout of heads and you can practice healing on it as well), easy to pack around, and encourages correctness in form. The different length of horns is an added asset as is the horn wrap (it's much more real that way). My entire family enjoys roping this dummy. We like it so much that we have two...one for home and one that stays in our trailer permanently for on the rodeo road. You can't go wrong with this dummy...it's a must have in my opinion!

Reviewed by Calgary S, 09/30/2018

The 3 in 1 dummy is not only a money saver by having a head, heel, calf dummy all in one, it truly is th greatest dummy out on the market. Other dummies let you get by with bad loops and make you feel good. This dummy will not let bad loops catch, you need the correct angles and everything in order to catch this dummy. Only dummy that actually helps you get better so you’re not out there just wasting time.

Reviewed by Chester H, 10/04/2017

I have roped a lot of dummies over the years but this is the first one that makes me heel it correctly. If you do not rope it with the tip of your rope, you just don't rope...simple. I saw and continue to see an improvement in my heeling. Great product and is of great quality!!

Reviewed by Filip W, 01/03/2017

The crazy dummy with a post in the middle!!! My wife spent some time with John at the south point this year roping the smart one. Well it was interesting to see her loop change. Those lazy loops that slide across the head they dont work in real life, split horns and fishing. Daylene's looped changed we went to a roping 2 days later and I could see the difference, Cleaner head loops no fishing and a new buckle on her belt. I cant wait till we get one to the house I believe both my boys, 10 and 12 will really benefit form a better practice tool. What I love about this company is commitment to science, Finding out why and then how. Its not just a gimmick for a better swing, data driven decision making. They found out what it took for a perfect head loop, then figured out how to help us throw it.

Reviewed by Professional T, 06/16/2016

A heading, heeling, calf roping dummy that can easily go with you anywhere. Just another benefit of Rope Smarts Smartone.

Reviewed by Stephanie K, 01/15/2016

Rope Smart has really helped develop my swing, loop, and delivery. I used to could not rope the dummy with the pole and would get so frustrated, I can now close my eyes and rope the pole using muscle memory (what I needed)! My husband and I won't use anything else!

Reviewed by Chance C, 12/29/2015

My mom purchased the Rope Smart dummy as a Christmas present for me and my dad. The first time we saw it was inWaco and we laughed until Mr. John proved to us that it makes you rope correctly. We then entered the USTRC finals 4 years ago and saw that the Rope Smart dummy was there. When I wasn't in the arena roping, I was at the Rope Smart booth roping the dummy for hours. When I wouldn't rope it correctly, Mr. John would ask me to go through some exercises to correct my loop, swing, and delivery. Once I understood what he was saying I was hooked on it. There are times that those bad habits show up but I am able to correct it quickly and go back to roping correctly. Since I started roping the Rope Smart dummy my catch percentage has increased from 75% to 95%. I qualified for the Texas Jr. High State finals for 3 years in team roping (first year heeling and next 2 years heading) and did not miss one steer heading at the finals. The last 2 years of jr high rodeo I have only missed once during the regular season and caught a front leg.
When we take it places people always want to rope it but they want to take the post out. We make them rope with the post attached and show them the difference in their roping, whether its sliding the rope down their back or just trying to place their rope on the dummy. I have made a lot of friends and the dummy has always been a conversation starter when people are just trying to figure out why the post is there. Once we tell them the reason for the pole and I am able to demonstrate how the pole works, they understand. It does take a little while to figure out the correct way to swing and deliver your rope and to get rid of those bad habits, but to me the change in my roping has been well worth it.

Reviewed by Justin J, 12/28/2015

Dear Rope Smart,
I love your product and have found it very helpful and beneficial to my roping career. I head and calf rope and I've always wanted a dummy with interchangeable heads. I love that I can practice all roping events on one dummy. It is so much easier to haul one dummy to the rodeo. I also like that your dummy makes your rope more correct. If you do not do what your supposed to do you miss it every time. I've been very please with my purchase, and I would recommend it to other ropers. Thanks,

Reviewed by Jake R, 09/24/2014

This dummy made me a bit skeptical at first, but I figured as much as I spend on roping it was worth a try. It is the best purchase i have ever made. My loop has gotten much better, less wave offs and split horns for sure! Not sure how but I am able to get my rope up alot faster too. I sold my other dummies, and now this goes with me everywhere! I am a 5 but now roping like a upper 6 or maybe 7. Great product worth every penny!

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